“Pasteurized Black”

White folks are lactose intolerant when it comes to the truth!! 

Black folks: you can’t be accepted unless you tone it down, scale it back. Nigga, filet yo’ self!!

You can’t be the “First Black President” unless you chew your words like a cow turning cud.

Don’t improvise, don’t be Jeremiah-ically real, correct, oh, hell, no.

The audacity of a delusion preferred.

White folks don’t want to know the truth and niggas who believe that this Titanic can be righted, saved, steered away from the icebergs are just as delusional as the outraged tongue cluckers on Fox, CNN and the heart-less heartland.

All they can see, the only thing they can think about is their pain, their suffering: “how dare that nigga mock OUR suffering on 911!!” White folks don’t know shit about real suffering, they’re too busy trimming their hangnails. They don’t dare look out from under their intellectual blankets to see the global suffering that has been heaped on millions by their blue eyed government.

So, here comes Obama, the pretty, smiling black marionette, trying to appeal to an un-satisifiable beast, that will use tweezers and a fine toothed comb to ferret out any inconsistency, any faux paux, any racism (imagine that!) and magnify it, twist it into necro- or pedophilia.

And he plays the game, because the prize seems desirable. But what we could really use is some of that community organizing that he constantly brags about. He talks that WE talk, while he seeks an “I” prize. We may get him elected, but I’d be surprised if we – meaning black folks benefit.

If you have to de-bone words, deny reality – if you have to lose your black soul in order to gain the world – what’s it worth?! I’d rather be Obama’s “former” pastor and tell the unvarnished truth. I’d rather minister to the real soul’s of real black, white and green folks than engage in politically expedient, statesmen-like verbal masturbation.

How fulfilling it must be to cater to the white fantasies of a shining city on a hill, formed in a vacant land by courageous, persecuted men who only wanted to breath free. That they could strangle the life out of and make extinct tribe after tribe of Red people – one dare not mention.

For true: If these folks can’t step up at this late date and accept that Rev. Wright speaks nothing but the whole black truth – then we’re no different from those teachers who have low expectations of our students. Put these crackas in remedial Ed and leave ’em the fuck alone.

When we talk down to the white man, we demean ourselves because all black folks know Obama’s lying, by omission. Distancing himself from his pastor – while ostensibly embracing him – makes Obama a political gumby: flexible, but without backbone. If we can’t bring the entirety of our black selves to the table, if our complaints are dismissed as the politics or rhetoric of the past, when the conditions those bitter words describe are happening in this day and time, why we have lost our good black minds.

I’d rather leave this country, secede from the Union, live off the grid than pretend that temporizing is a form of nobility.

19 Responses to ““Pasteurized Black””

  1. me too. the only thing that we can do- is speak the truth and keep speaking the truth. i am as white as a human being can possibly get- and because i can connect with real people- real black people and red people and yellow people and brown people- the scales have fallen from my eyes and i see the world as a different place. why should it surprise anyone that we can torture people when we have been doing the same thing in a different way- to the native americans, the black communities, and the hispanic communties? safely behind their gated surburbias, white folks live in an anti-depressant induced denial of the real world. which explains why this country- and the rest of the western world- are in the toilet. now is the time that we all need to stand together against tyranny- and we continue to divide ourselves into colors and genders and religions. that is why the old money white men’s club continues to pull the world’s strings.

    keep speaking the truth- there are folks who are listening.

    “I’d rather be Obama’s “former” pastor and tell the unvarnished truth. I’d rather minister to the real soul’s of real black, white and green folks than engage in politically expedient, statesmen-like verbal masturbation.”

    me too.

  2. […] gender- we all have hearts and minds to use as human beings. but denial clouds judgment. read some blogs written by people of color- and it’s an eye opener. these folks aren’t asking for a handout. they aren’t […]

  3. fuckin great post. I tried to write about someting similar in South Africa. This white view that things were better in the “old days”. They have no fuckin clue what it was like. And now they bitch about anything. http://angryafrican.net/2008/03/19/the-good-old-days-of-apartheid/

  4. This was my immediate reaction, as well, Max. I’m going to link to this and several other pieces that reflect a similar perspective. Wright is right. Period.

  5. Lubangakene,

    On point! Please post this on Afrospear!


  6. Thanks, AAPP, Bet, ChangeS, Asa, Raw, Angry Af

  7. First of all, I love your title: “Free Slave”.

    And I couldn’t co-sign anymore on this post if it was on my own page.

    Stop by my blog for some RELENTLESS SOCIAL COMMENTARY.

    Keep blogging!

  8. I must applaud you. Great Post!

    In addition, might I ask if you are an “old black man”…lol…because according B-rocks and delusional “others”…only old black men like “george jefferson” and Rev.Wright talk like that.

  9. Rev. Wright’s right on the mark. Anyone who tries to disagree just didn’t listen .

    As far as Barak is concerned he’s consistent, it’s the rest of us that need to examen just what we were thinking when we jumped on the first “Black President Bandwagon.”

    Before his campaign for POTUS started Barak was a mediocre member of the CBC not a leader of the Black masses.

    I was tempted myself but I just can’t forget that the only one of these CBC types that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling is Cynthia Mckinney.

  10. Barack has no backbone. Black folks will not benefit only mixed and whites will. WAKE UP!!!!

  11. Yo Freeslave,

    Can I get your email address?


  12. I agree with the posting here. It is rather like the “bitter” debate. Can’t a man say something without the media breaking it down to one paragraph!

    It is the truth I seek and appreciate hearing it. So many of my kind ( white ) sit in corners huddling in the darkness and sucking a thumb. I appreciate the truth.

    The “bitter” statement in itself was truth. But white america can’t handle that. Could Hillary have said it. If she did would it have taken by white ( male ) america as gender specific? Or because she’s white herself that most americans would have muddled it for a while and accepted it?

    The latter I believe is what would happen.

    The only thing that bothers me about Obama is that he doesn’t come out swinging on these issues.

    “America sucks”. I have no problem believing that.


  13. It’s sad because its true.

    But I have often wondered.. taking out the obvious conflict of being black and leading a ‘mostly’ racist nation.. is it even possible to be a top level politician and be true to self? I mean since our society is not homogenious doesnt the leader have to give off a sort of gumbiness in order to be accepted by the masses at large?

    I have spent the past 3 months explaining to non-black friends why Obama is not ‘our savior.” I live in the very highly white, liberal city of Seattle.. where *some* white girls have black babies to fix society, white families adopt poor black children, and Obama.. well is God.

    When asked who I like, I say..Obama. “Oh because he wants to unify America?” umm no he is not capable of that. “Oh because his being President is history making?”
    I think its great that a second generation American may be President – but no. Then why?

    “He’s cute. Id much rather look at him on TV than some old white guy, and he likes Black women. Bonus points. ”

    That is about as much gratification I hope to get from having a black president. Eye Candy.

    …and although my friends thought I was kidding. I was QUITE serious.

  14. The audacity of a delusion preferred.


    The criticism is insightful honest and biting,
    but I STILL am going to have to ride w/the Malcolm/Martin/Kennedy on mine.

  15. M.Dot: What do you mean your are going to still ride with Malcolm/Martin and Kennedy?

  16. b.e.a.you-tiful writing.

    But so much of it makes me sick.
    Turned on to your blog by one of my sixth graders with whom I risk my job by teaching them the painfully truthful G Bennett,C Cullen, P Griff, Lu Xinhua, (but that’s not all).

    I get it. Pain (anger) swings the pendulum – first one way, then the next, and assholes ride it into power.
    Are you swinging it, or are you riding it?

    “white fantasies” “White folks don’t know shit about real suffering” -as if we all think with the same communal hum.

    Would you buy into any argument that started with the premise that all “black folks” think….

    I suppose I’m as white as you are black, though neither word describes our skin’s color. Really little kids don’t often make the skin distinction, by the way, they more often focus on hair texture, and eye color. they have to be taught the white/black dichotomy. And yeah, we adults do a STELLAR job of teaching them that.

    I do hear you. I can get to what you’re saying. But you are deluding yourself with your belief that your writing is brave. It’s the same old shit for sycophantic toadies who are drawn to what they perceive as strength.

    Oh, lead us, you with loud voice. Swing that fucking pendulum. Shit, ride that thing. We’ll all push.

    All the way to oblivion.

  17. By the way,
    “He talks that WE talk, while he seeks an “I” prize.”

    is fucking brilliant. I promise to give you credit when I steal it.

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