Stop Making Sense!!!

By Maxjulian

April 29, 2008

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From the “Anarchist People of Color, Race, Anarchy, Revolution” website:

“Anarchism calls for a fundamental transformation of society. No messianic leader guides the flock to the promised land, where the government tries to kill them all. With anarchism, no shadowy leadership clique calls the shots for our community. An anarchist solution means people are all taught the lessons and go forward to teach our own lessons so that everyone in the community can lead the struggle. It is a radical departure from the power politics that have been at play in many communities of color. Anarchist revolution is what is needed for people of color now.

People of color are in the crosshairs of this system every single day. Now is not the time to mourn, but to build with determination for anarchist revolution.”

Do you want a fundamental transformation?

I’ve been thinking about the meaning of Wesley Snipes’ pending incarceration. As one who has followed a similar path and refuses to pay for my oppression and that of other black people and people of color worldwide, what does a three-year term for tax evasion REALLY mean?!

It means that any action against the system will be met with maximum retaliatory force. Stealing the wealth of the people and using it to oppress the people is divine law, according to the maniacs who run this thing. And what if we were all Wesley’s, what if we all knew that the 16th Amendment was a fraud, that the Federal Reserve is a private bank, NOT a government concern.   “We are not consumers; “WE are what’s being consumed!”

Do you want a fundamental transformation or to exchange seats on the Titanic, a ship headed for massive icebergs, a ship that mows down black and brown and red fish on its queasy path to oblivion?!

Reformism – voting in new masters, a female or black male overseer for the global plantation – is status quo, handkerchief head politics/existence par excellence. Revolution means that there are no more Gods, masters or slaves. YOU are your own overseer, YOU are the boss of YOU!!

Can you git wit that?!

2 Responses to “Stop Making Sense!!!”

  1. Wow, you’re on target with this one. Well said, because I was thinking much of the same things …

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