Why Aren’t We Enough?!

By Maxjulian

April 29, 2008

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Why aren’t we enough?!

In the wake of Brownfemipower shutting down her blog due to racism/racist appropriation, my question is: WHY?!

Why allow the very thing (RACISM) that all people of color should be united in fighting against, to drive us underground, drive us away from our task, to communicate our hard earned insights, fire and passion?

What does it say about our value system when white folks jes bein’ white folks – who we SHOULD know are the enemy – causes us to pack up our mic and pull the plug?

It sends a terrible signal, in my opinion. Perhaps it is simply the destruction of the illusion of the good, progressive white folk that caused BFP to make such a hasty, impolitic exit. What about all of the young, brown/black/red/yellow women who having viewed this spectacle, decide to go off into their corners, do their thing after years of reading about the power of WOC and seeing that power dissolve before an allegedly more powerful, admittedly more privileged, journalistic hack?!

There is NO excuse to not immediately decenter white women – and to rally round and CENTER, brown women, black women, red women, yellow women to this righteous cause…now that white feminists have shown what feminism really means to them:

“Kizzy, git in the kitchen and do them dishes…NOW!”

Aren’t we enough?!

What people of color need to do more and more is to turn to EACH OTHER. Regardless of language, national origin, religion, the white world rests on Plymouth Rock — which rests on all of us!

White folks stepping on our toes – which they so often do – causing such a pyrrhic reaction bespeaks an unhealthy relationship and perhaps, attachment to white folks. It validates their superiority, their power, it enacts/reenacts the silencing that is critical to their controlling us. Why volunteer?

Who benefits from BFP’s voluntarily servitude and acquiesence to the white feminist prerogative to take the brown fruit and not thank the one who slaved over the crop? White cannibals who’ve always feasted on dark meat. Methinks just the opposite tack is required.

I’ve read many of the posts regarding the Amanda Marcotte/Seal Press debacle…ain’t nuthin’ new under the sun, and yet…

Why don’t we have a press, or respect the press that we have? Why don’t we publish ourselves? Why do we concern ourselves with being “credited” for our spiritual property when they’ve been stealing both and more since the muthafucking Mayflower?! They won’t use it like we use it because we have or should have revolution on our mind, not a jive ass book deal.

No, as long as we center them, genuflect to them, beg and entreat them to, ‘pretty please understand our plight’…all of this prostration, without paying MORE attention to what we NEED to be building between brown you and black me…

Believe me, I don’t say this as someone whose never been where BFP is, but precisely because I have been there…and still, I have to keep watch and ferret out those ingratiating weeds that want to make white folks my superior, my God, my master.

To quote Nancy Wilson: “You can have him, I don’t want him, I don’t want him, you can have him, for he’s not, the man, for me!”

White feminists and white liberals/progressives are buttering their bread with white privilege in a cafe called Racism/White Supremacy. Most are completely clueless; a thimble full are in the process of getting it. Maybe. And a couple might even have it. We can’t afford any delusions, and certainly can’t expect square dealing from people who want us to validate their goodness and kindness, window-dress their image at the price of YOUR or MY sanity.

Somewhere an illusory bubble burst, full of white allies and cream pie that splattered in our faces. This was intolerable. Let’s grab a rag and clean each other up, keep each other honest and yell “DUCK” or “INCOMING” when the next bubble whizzes by.

We are enough.

7 Responses to “Why Aren’t We Enough?!”

  1. Thanks, Bet. Question: what did you think of this whole deal?

  2. I completely agree with your comments. But we do have a press–it’s popular genre fiction, and is black owned.

    They didn’t send me the contracted royalty statements much less pay me earned royalties as agreed, and many other authors reported they didn’t pay them contracted royalties either. Worse, they tried to sue the authors who merely wanted their money for saying something publicly. It was in PW.

    It’s ripoff city. They scuttled under the umbrella of a big white publisher and are carrying on as usual. Black-owned in not the answer. Integrity is. We seem to have that in just as short of supply as white folk.


  3. well said and great question

  4. Breaking News:
    Location of Mass Graves of Children in Canada Revealed for the First Time; Catholic Pope issued Letter of Demand; Independent Tribunal Established
    Squamish Nation Territory (“Vancouver, Canada”)
    Friday, April 18, 2008 1:00 am PST
    At a public ceremony and press conference held yesterday in downtown Vancouver, the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) released a list of twenty eight mass graves across Canada holding the remains of untold numbers of aboriginal children who died in Indian Residential Schools, most of them run by the Catholic Church.
    The list was distributed today to the world media and to United Nations agencies, as the first act of the newly-formed International Human Rights Tribunal into Genocide in Canada (IHRTGC), a non-governmental body established by indigenous elders.
    Catholic Pope Benedict was issued a Letter of Demand by the IHRTGC today requiring that he confirm or deny the death of thousands of children in these residential schools.
    In a statement read by FRD spokesperson Eagle Strong Voice, it was declared that the IHRTGC will commence its investigations immediately. This inquiry will involve international human rights observers from Guatemala and Cyprus , and will convene aboriginal courts of justice where those persons and institutions responsible for the death and suffering of residential school children will be tried and sentenced. (The complete Statement and List of Mass Graves is reproduced below).
    Eagle Strong Voice and IHRTGC elders will present the Mass Graves List at the United Nations on April 19, and will ask United Nations agencies to protect and monitor the mass graves as part of a genuine inquiry and judicial prosecution of those responsible for this Canadian Genocide.

    Eyewitness Sylvester Greene spoke to the media at today’s event, and described how he helped bury a young Inuit boy at the United Church’s Edmonton residential school in 1953

    “We were told never to tell anyone by Jim Ludford, the Principal, who got me and three other boys to bury him. But a lot more kids got buried all the time in that big grave next to the school.”

    For more information: http://www.hiddenfromhistory.org , or write to the IHRTGC at: genocidetribunal@yahoo.ca
    Issued on Squamish Territory , 18 April, 2008, under the authority of Hereditary Chief Kiapilano.

  5. Hey Free

    great post … BrownFemiPower , has to really ” get over herself “, if you want the notoreity you have to take it !. This is the norm , get used to it , and fight back do not roll over and die.

    Coporations hijack my work all the time , but i don’t roll over and die , i just charge more to the next client to cover the lost . I am not going to go into hiding and give up selling my work !

    There are black owned presses , moore press is one . I do not know who stiffed the monica , but i disagree with her that it is nothing to do with “black “. I went to your site and your blog . I wondered do a lot of people buy your books , and if so why couldn’t you self publish ?> and sell to barnes and noble or amazon ?

    . Everyday , it is hard i must always fight against my competition , who are generations deep into their business…. also business is not ethical and rarely is there integrity especially when you are doing business with people who need to fuck you to make a buck !

    taken from ideasrepec.org , note below

    “Four decades ago, Nathan Glazer and Daniel Patrick Moynihan made the argument that the black family “was not strong enough to create those extended clans that elsewhere were most helpful for businessmen and professionals.” Using data from the confidential and restricted access Characteristics of Business Owners Survey, we investigate this hypothesis by examining whether racial differences in family business backgrounds can explain why black-owned businesses lag substantially behind white-owned businesses in sales, profits, employment size and survival probabilities? Estimates from the CBO indicate that black business owners have a relatively disadvantaged family business background compared with white business owners. Black business owners are much less likely than white business owners to have had a self-employed family member owner prior to starting their business and are less likely to have worked in that family member’s business. We do not, however, find sizeable racial differences in inheritances of business. Using a nonlinear decomposition technique, we find that the relatively low probability of having a self-employed family member prior to business startup among blacks does not generally contribute to racial differences in small business outcomes. Instead, the lack of prior work experience in a family business among black business owners, perhaps by limiting their acquisition of general and specific business human capital, negatively affects black business outcomes. We also find that limited opportunities for acquiring specific business human capital through work experience in businesses providing similar goods and services contribute to worse business outcomes among blacks. We compare these estimates to contributions from racial differences in owner’s education, startup capital, geographical location and other factors”

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