Hey, Sista, Don’t Feel So Bad…

By Maxjulian

June 16, 2008

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…there’s at least one group that gets more attention than a missing blonde white girl…

Yes, watching and then desperately avoiding the media coverage of the death of NBC journalist Tim Russert, I had to wonder…


He wasn’t a head of state; he covered heads of state, politicians, entertainers. He wasn’t a reporter, he was an interviewer, a presenter. How could his death possibly require days-long coverage, emotional remembrances from tearful colleagues and acquaintances, as if he were the President, as if he were God. Well…

The Last Poets said that the “White Man Has a God-Complex.” I feel for the man’s family and yet, something doesn’t smell right. What is the motive for this kind of saturation coverage, the subtext, the conscious or unconscious intention of shining floodlights on Russert while the Global Nigga remains in the shadows, in the dark – misunderstood, misinterpreted, marginalized? What are they telling us that we haven’t yet understood?!

Moses, the great lion tamer, Indiana Jones, Neo – The One.


There are a few blogs dedicated to tracking the missing and murdered among the black populace, black women stolen, beaten and abused. A few sistas have complained that “white blondes” are the only women CNN, Headline News or Fox deem worthy of covering.

So take heart, sistas, cuz I ain’t neva seen no white woman get the kind of coverage that Tim Russert got this weekend.

Black folks cover yo’ self!

4 Responses to “Hey, Sista, Don’t Feel So Bad…”

  1. Deep! Makes me go hmmmmm….

  2. I gotta’ disagree…

    …to some extent.

    The coverage was a little extensive, but like any celebrity there’s going to be a lot, compared to the average joe. i think you should take into account that russest quite simply was on the top of his game. he was flawless in his craft much of the time and did it respectfully. case-in-point: see if bill orielly or sean hannity get coverage like this when they croak, lol. russert was one of the most unbiased individuals in mainstream media in a long, long time. but that’s just my two cents…

  3. I just wonder where they’re going to find another white man to replace him! Lord knows his replacement has to be a white man, precisely because of the “White Man Has a God-Complex” that you mentioned above.

    Of course, my prediction might be wrong, so stay tuned to the “white men talk on Sunday morning show” and see if his replacement isn’t a white man!

  4. “God Complex”…hmmm, interesting.

    I liked Russert. Always felt I go unbiased reporting and questioning from him. But why the State sendoff? We might not ever really know…I wonder? Didn’t Jim McKay die the same week…hmmm?

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