Givin’ You Some Change That You Can FEEL

By Maxjulian

June 26, 2008

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From Grace Lee Boggs’ “Living for Change”:

“The oppressed internalize the values of the oppressor. Therefore, any group that achieves power, no matter how oppressed, is not going to act diffferently from their oppressors as long as they have not confronted the values that they have internalized and consciously adopted different values

…We cannot make a revolution without developing our human capacity to distinguish between needs and wants and to make responsible choices. Americans will not regain their membership in the human race until they recognize that their greatest need is no longer to make material goods but to make politics…

…Revolutionists have a responsibility to create strategies to transform ourselves as well as the victims of oppression into human beings who are more advanced in the qualities that distinguish human beings: creativity, consciousness, self-consciousness, and a sense of political and social responsibility…

…A rebellion disrupts the society but it does not provide what is necessary to make a revolution and establish a new social order. To make a revolution, people must not only struggle against existing institutions. They must make a philosophical/spiritual leap and become more human human beings. In order to change/transform the world, they must change/transform themselves.”

Many of us have been brainwashed to accept the application of political eye shadow as real change. We have become so intellectually and spiritually deadened that we can no longer distinguish between change and its facsimile, between a child and a cadaver.

We outsource our man and womanhood to an image on a screen, to a primal ghettobox beat, to external notions of who we should be. We ship our responsibility to change this miserable country overseas, to “representatives,” “proxies,” bought and sold by the highest bidding corporate bag men. We stare the truth of this trap in the face and have the nerve to talk about ‘the lesser of two evils.’ Evil is evil; if both candidates represent the perpetuation of an immoral, repugnant system, one, merely a kindler, gentler warden than the other, there is no difference. Denial is some cataracts for your ass!!

Have we “confronted the values” that we have internalized from this diseased society and “consciously adopted different values?”

Have we “transformed ourselves” into “human human beings?”

Do we even want a “new social order,” or do we want merely to get a better hand in the existing one?

The answers to the questions above are obviously NO. Where are my kind, my tribe, people who see what I think I can see? Or, am I crazy? Is the US really paradise and should I just get off of my delusional pot?

Where are the strategists for the New Social Order? Where are the people willing and mature enough to transform themselves, who desire to transform themselves as much as the society?

If you want to answer the questions above in the affirmative and are a recovering Democrat/Obama-holic/ideologue of any stripe…


4 Responses to “Givin’ You Some Change That You Can FEEL”

  1. yes we do
    have that responsibility

  2. I tried to free myself as a boy, but I used the jailer’s key.
    I was arrested as I stepped off the plane in Christchurch, New Zealand, and whisked back to my lily-white suburb in the southern US.

    And now, thirty years later, I get to visit the wealthy suburbs, watching my rebellion turn to envy.-the pouting of privilege scorned. All my individual refusals to outsource my “(hu)manhood” to the collective now like Picasso’s broad-stroke Quixote.

    A new social order, funded by Soros? Sure. First thing is we’ll nationalize his billions. At’ll learn him.

    When has a socialist system not turned into increased obscenities as state power gets wielded by the select few? The arbiters of the common good – Scalia’s “social cost” weighed against privacy rights, for example.

    Mugabe knows what’s best for “his” people. War on dissent.

    No paradise here, but maybe the only useful weapons against the same old aristocratic protection racket that centuries have distilled into bullshit concepts like ‘common good’, ‘social cost’, and ‘your representative’.

    State power itself is a bullshit concept. Powerful individuals make personal decisions to focus “state power” on other individuals. The IRS by itself is a faceless megalodon, but pair the IRS up with 3 or 4 other gov’t. agencies. That’s an armada at the hands of the oligarchy.

    Ron Paul attracted me, but why do I see links to his stuff on websites that are unashamedly white supremacist? Freaked me out. What am I missing?
    Whatever direction I need to go, I can’t share the same boat with those people.

    So Obama, probably. Only out of exhaustion. The Balm in Gilead that he provides, if only superficially, allows me to proclaim, “See, it’s not just the white gangsters that can become president!”

  3. That text above reminds me a lot of Paulo Freire, from Brazil.

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