Chemtrails: Should We Be Concerned?

Look high into the sky: its not a bird, but a plane and behind it and others like it are huge plumes that don’t dissipate but remain, sometimes for hours.  Often, dueling plumes crisscross the sky and as they hang in the air, they become broader and wider.  I saw several yesterday.

Most planes have a “contrail” that dissipates very quickly; what’s the difference?  Is there a sinister reason or motive?  What is the composition of this atmospheric phenomenon?  Is it a “Chemtrail?”

Watch this and see for yourself:

3 Responses to “Chemtrails: Should We Be Concerned?”

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  2. One of my students gave me some input on this. Just what I need. More threats to be scared of and worry over. What are we supposed to do about all this stuff? How do we protect ourselves, the young, the future?

  3. Hey there!

    Chemtrails are absolutely a cause for concern.

    Cloud seeding is dangerous. I wrote a post about this at my blog and so many black women didn’t even know what cloud seeding was. When I mentioned that cloud seeding was the reason for Hurricane Katrina, they started investigating!

    “Y’all need to wake up from slumber!”

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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