Mystery in the Making

Will Obama win today and salve the wounds of the black masses looking for a soothing balm for our 400 year headache, while simultaneously cleansing and freeing the white narcissistic conscience and relieving us ALL of responsibility for cleaning up the toxic waste dump called America – brick by radioactive muthafucking brick? Or will John McCain and Diebold steal our collective dream of a shiny black prince riding in on a pain-free libratory stallion that will deliver freedom like welfare on the first and fifteenth? Will these beasts steal our joy and our votes like they stole Malcolm and Martin – “coming for to carry me home” – wielding machetes, slashing at the our poised digits on the computerized roulette wheel that will, we believe, rocket us to a new freedom?

I’ve noticed the strange silence of the AfroSpear on these questions. I’ve noticed my strange silence. I can’t breathe long enough to think and think long enough to breathe. I don’t believe in this system and I don’t believe in confronting it with lies and illusions about itself, treating the people as the ignorant rabble that they are. On the other hand, a black president is BIG. To see a black man of some intelligence and charm who is clearly “presidential” cannot help but move a soul bred in this racial pressure cooker. But my conscience won’t allow me to lounge in a placebo hot tub for long.

No, if you, like me, want REAL change, you speak up not down to the people. You raise them up to your level (if they happen to be less conscious); you don’t leave whole swaths of reality off the table in order to appeal to their tender retardation. People know what they deny in their marrow, despite their crossed eyes and arms. Denying them the opportunity to engage with the elephant in the room that we all tiptoe around only prolongs the rampage. You can’t break the cycle if you don’t claim, draw and paint the elephant, admit its existence, tell where and how it crushes you, where it punctures the skin with its tusk and bleeds you. What kind of change can occur when you don’t tell the doctor where it hurts?

And who indeed is Barack Obama? Frankly, I’ve been encouraged by all of the underground associates this man seems to have. Bill Ayers? When other activists during the Vietnam era had shorn their hippie hair and gone to grad school, Ayers and the Weathermen actually committed to confronting the racist, genocidal American military power with a modicum of force. Planting bombs in buildings, in “symbols” of American power and forewarning the building’s inhabitants to get out seems the mildest form of terror…quite different from bombing raids on thatched huts scorched with napalm, burning the human flesh within to a crisp.

In all of the hysteria around Ayers being a “domestic terrorist,” what’s missed is that he opposed the US government which at that time was – and to this day is – a “Global Terrorist,” murdering men, women and children in Vietnam and Cambodia, training the military dictatorships of South and Central America in surveillance, torture and mass homicide at the Army School of the Americas in Fort Benning, GA – men who went on to become the biggest human rights violators in the Western Hemisphere and actually murdered hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. With US training, weaponry and dollars.

Who’s the the real terrorist and when can that story be told? And is it history that we want or mystery?

We will soon find out.

3 Responses to “Mystery in the Making”

  1. more so than leadership at the top- we, the people, have to make up our minds to change. change can’t happen in a vacuum and we have been in our comfy ruts so long that some are really resistant to change. obama is not the perfect candidate. he is a human being and fallible- but for the first time in a long time- we have someone who isn’t lying to us bald faced and is telling us that we have to change. we have to change-oh pretty much everything about our way of life. what an opportunity for us. for america. millions of young people who aren’t as entrenched in the bigotry, racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc. and who grew up with technology that has taken them to other nations and other cultures via the internet and airplanes- these are the people who have stepped in and stepped up. the choice that they are making isn’t necessarily ideal- but it is theirs’ to make. they see clearly that their future is at stake- and we and the generations before us have left them quite a mess.

    obama isn’t a messiah and i don’t hold out much hope that all he promised will come to fruition- we all forget about the other two branches of government- and the corporatocracy. but… at the very least- change is happening within the masses. record numbers of people are voting and record numbers of people volunteered and participated in a movement that was bigger than individuals alone but was made up of everyday people. it’s a start- and we have a real opportunity. the biggest question is- will we as a nation take it?

  2. […] (who was writing before the results came in) had this to say: I don’t believe in this system and I don’t believe in confronting it with lies and illusions […]

  3. i see what you’re saying, and Barack has spoken down to us more than a few times. I have become kind of frustrated with the level of discourse (often bordering on insanity) going on at this point. as if there can’t be any critical discussion of anything, unless it’s hope hope hope hope, like over at

    shouting yes we can isn’t going to fix the Kongo or Haiti or Rwanda or Senegal or Watts…..

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