Fuck Prop 8, Agitate!

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me? The juxtaposition is scandalous: a new Negro Presidential breakthrough along side the re-shackling of the gay populace of Cali. “Rights Stripped, Prejudice Wins” read the banner headlines. Just as those knotty lynch ropes were being shoved into the dustbin of history, gosh darn it. Not quite.

Some tried to pin the loss in Cali on Negroes. Check how slick the ruling class is. Find a mouthpiece, fire up the Mighty Wurlitzer and put another nigga on the woodpile. Most white folks will fall for it and many did. Negroes barked back and became distracted by the real deal. Why? Because we’ve been programmed to.

Divide and conquer. See our struggle as somehow tainted by the “bad blood”, the immoral lifestyles of the gay and perverted.

Negroes have this proprietary relationship to the language of struggle. We don’t like “close” links made between the civil rights struggles of US and gay people. Why? Because it reduces us, cheapens our struggle, cheapens our victimization by contaminating it with the minor hangnails suffered by white faggots and bull dykes. The fact that some of our black siblings, cousins AND parents are GAY is even MORE embarrasing and worthy of being closeted, sequestered, quarantined.

For some of us and for me today, struggle is struggle. Certainly, they are not identical, the black and gay struggle, but need they be in order to see the inherent injustice of what this culture is putting down?

When adults in this culture are told that they can’t do what other adults, other so-called free people can do because of “who and what they are,” that’s a fucking slam dunk.   A two-tiered system of justice cannot stand whether you like the thought of two men tongue kissing, having anal sex or some other activity that seems freakish to you – or not. Maybe it freaks you the fuck out because, in your heart of deepest darkness, there’s a little quiver of excitement, forbidden pleasure that you’re too cowardly to experience.  Just ask the reactionary Right.

Your or my sexual comfort level should not be the basis of social policy affecting millions of people who know who they are and who they love.

You can’t deny people freedom when you’ve spent your life fighting for and/or enjoying the fruits of a long struggle for freedom – that is ongoing.

On a higher plane, we, of all people, the so-called Black people, should be taking the lead in locking arms with gays and lesbians and shutting this shit down until all power rests in the people, and all rights that should be enjoyed by all people are extended, shared, granted.  Or taken.

If you only stand for justice for your kind, justice for your ilk – you don’t stand for shit. You’re a fraud, an imbecile who doesn’t deserve the freedom that you don’t have.

The highest principles of the State, belong to all of us. This ain’t about your religion. Your religion is between you and your God, in spite of what your imperialist priests and preachers fill you up with.  Keep that shit to yourself.  If I’m going to hell, let me go in peace without your editorial commentary.  Just get your pious foot off of the necks of people who want to live and love as free people.

Until we see the close relationship between freedom struggles of sexuality, class, race and gender, none of those struggles can succeed.  Only a unified struggle of intelligent, undivided, freed slaves can win.

6 Responses to “Fuck Prop 8, Agitate!”

  1. since the biggest single group pressing for inequality is generally christians- and since the biggest 2 groups supporting suppressing civil liberties for gay folks are the mormons and catholics- i think folks need to wake up to the fact that the religious right is still alive and well in spite of the electoral smackdown in november. civil liberties are civil liberties. it is beyond time for us- as the human species- to stop the nonsense and realize that underneath- we all look the same. we need to recognize that it doesn’t matter who sleeps with who as long as they are 2 consenting adults and brain power is not contingent on skin color. i mean it’s the 21st century for christ’s sake and we have so many issues to deal with that this crap is really old.

    if the stunted among us won’t get on board willingly, tough shit. our constitution guarantees civil liberties and freedom from religious persecution (against religious groups and by them) and we need to adhere to that. or if not- what’s the point of america?

  2. Hello there!

    May I mention that Christianity is NOT a religion? Only those who have been mistaught think that it is…

    I think that it is a FALLACY that the black church is against gay rights legislation… I think that the black church is WELL AWARE that this country is not a Christian nation.

    Christianity is not a LAW…therefore…there aren’t any laws that state that U.S. citizens must be Christians and must accept God’s word.

    The black church understands that.

    I think that there are many gay groups who want to DIVIDE the black community want to continue to promote this notion that the black church is against any laws that will cause U.S. citizens to violate Biblical directives… I feel this is a mischaracterization that is absolutely outrageous.

  3. That could not have been expressed any better.

  4. It is called the fight over Gay Marriage. But it is the fight for equal rights for all. If the State and Federal government wants to recognize the combination of two people into a family with benifits and obligations that go with it. They need to extend it to everyone. If your religion does not allow for gays, then don’t marry someone of the same sex, you have that right. But no one has the right to tell me who to love or who I can make a family with. If you think you do, you are just as bad as the slave owners, the totalitariam governments, the crusaders, the jim crow defenders and those that burn crosses.

  5. Sorry to disagree but the state is nothing more that an entity that serves the interests of the ruling class. As such, it will never operate in the interests of the downtrodden, concessions, yes, radical change no. I wonder why people continue to believe that stuff coming out of Obama’s mouth, pure junk. He will serve the interests of the ruling class or meet the same fate as Kennedy. The press was told to let him off the hook with the homosexual charges from Larry Sinclair (the murder of a homosexual at his former church), the coke use, fake birth certificate, missing account of his years at Columbia. They needed and wanted this brother in the White House to usher in the final phase of the US hegemony. Bombs away!

  6. Unfortunately, many of my people (Black) don’t understand the difference between personal and/or religious beliefs and constitutional rights. It is a dirty shame how Black christians allow themselves to be used by the (white) christian right to deprive gay people of their right to pursue happiness with religious bigotry.

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