Field Luv

Every now and then, the Field Negro gives out some blog luv to a brotha and suddenly, my blog stats look like the NASDAQ in the mid-nineties.

Writers lie, including me, about how we don’t care if anybody reads our shit. That’s one of those ‘silent fart lies’ that you try to move away from so somebody else takes the rap.

Fact is, I luvs me some attention especially when it comes from someone I respect, rather than the the online KKK. Plus, I gotta give Field props cuz he is breaking attendance records with each blog post.

Field, thank you sincerely for linking me to your blog in your “Blogs I’m Feeling” area. You have my greatest respect and admiration for the way that  you consistently provoke, incite, reframe and facilitate conversations about the latest travesty and absurdity in this culture chock full of them.

Keep it up!

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

Harriet Tubman

7 Responses to “Field Luv”

  1. Well deserved luv.

    I do love the Tubman quote, so true! I may have to use that in one of my next posts.

  2. Tobeme:

    Re the Quote: I was inspired to post that by another blogger so have at it.

  3. I read theFieldNegro everyday and that’s how I became aware of your blog. I didnt realize he was that popular

  4. you have my respect and admiration- i will check out the field negro too 🙂

  5. I found you via Field.

    About making it right…you could go back a long way to the very beginning of this country and sort it out. We are printing money like mad, why not figure out the values, the amounts, the compond interest of the land etc, fulfill the parts of the treaties, figure out the value of the 40 acres and mule and trace the descencents to pay. We are going to be doing a lot of “job creation” and those kinds of calculations would suck up a lot of man hours and put money into our “situation” at different levels.

    Could be interesting….Pres-Elect Obama could not be the man though he is too fragile to close and everything else is currently too fragile as well, although you could possibly sell it on the job creation and ecomony stimulation.

  6. I came here by way of Mr. Field as well. I love the layout, BTW!

  7. watsup… i ran a piece of the ronnie white situation from earlier this year and field put in the ‘blogs i’m feeling section’ too. i was pretty boosted, lol, btw i like the new redesign

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