Pasteurized Black, Part Deux

Is it enough to have beige skin? Is it enough to borrow a “negrified” vocal inflection when you speak before a Southern audience of a certain age? Is it enough to simply appear, with your mini ‘fro and your Afro-chic partner by your crank shaft, to gobble up all of the tortured, frustrated, gnarled, constipated dreams and desires of black people?

Should black people (and by black people I mean ALL people, because black encompasses all) give away the store, give away their power, their gray matter, to one who claims to be ‘progressive,’ but who is running with wolves, wolves who want to make you and have made YOU for all of these years, their meal?!

Hilary, the Queen of Race Baiting? Robert Gates, the Duke of torture? Where has he installed one REAL progressive, one REAL radical who will really “CHANGE” the system? No, this election was about change alright, change for us, changing OUR seats on the American Titanic. We are the ones in steerage, we are the ones drowning below deck, the ones who have always been sacrificed, this while “The One” spreads the wealth amongst a few of his cronies and the old guard that he has to appease in order to protect his neck.

That we cannot see the game, cannot see the wool as it slithers around our blindfolded eyes is a travesty. War, unending war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan on its civilian population, unstinting support for Israel and its race war on the Palestinian people. No reparations for the Red Nation or the Black Nation, as the Indigenist brilliantly pointed out. And you call this progress?!

I’m not so much opposed to Obama as I am to self delusion, the massive, collective delusion that I see amongst so many intelligent people. We have been pasteurized mentally, our rawness, our intuition, our instincts have been cleaved from our bodies. What’s left is a pragmatic, cautious, controlled mess.

When they open the concentration camps here, we will shuffle along in lock step like the good little cattle we are. No wonder so many can’t see the connection between the treatment of animals and ourselves: the triumph has been won. When we can’t see the suffering of the cow or the chicken or the gay; when we think WE are better, different, more noble than they – the victory has been won.

Obama’s win – of style, of color over real substance – was a Pavlovian game changer. Now they know, they can throw a nigga out there who sets off all kinds of salivating, feel-good alarm bells, bells that our brainwashed asses can’t resist, can’t see beyond; “we can disarm white progressives and colored folk in one fell swoop, while he continues the same policies that he hinted all along that he was against. And he will be granted, bequeathed the widest berth, because, after all, he is under great pressure, the economy, the Iraqis, etc.”  Oh, its that deep.

Meanwhile, the starvation and suffering here which could be ended by shutting down the US military outposts all over the globe, goes on. Deepens.

The only change that ever worked occurred from the inside-out. And it was real people, unpurchased, unbought and unbossed people who were the change.

Yes, we can have change that we can believe in that is an outsourced lie.  Or, a kind of change that is incremental, cellular, immovable, because it is grounded in you and your power and your wisdom. YOU.

6 Responses to “Pasteurized Black, Part Deux”

  1. my husband and i were discussing people last night. there are thinkers and sheeple. this culture has been nurtured to be sheeple- from sunday pews full of the faithful to the folks who make the widgets in the factory to the yuppies in the cubicles- everything is put together to make folks sheeple. there aren’t enough true thinkers to make a difference. even our ‘movements’ are cookie cutter. to match our stip malls and chain stores i imagine.

  2. You said: “What’s left is a pragmatic, cautious, controlled mess.”

    The spine implant hasn’t arrived yet. I know that I could do something….but I cannot find whatever it takes to get out of the trembling controlled mess. and of course all I might control is myself.

  3. No doubt, Bet. We have been so bred to be this way.

    Welcome, Lady Cracker

  4. …that is the deepest, most real breakdown that i have read thus far…i literally got the chills…that was profound and should be passed on…wow…

  5. ya-akua, thank you very much. i appreciate that a lot.

  6. in the spirit of Baba John Henrik Clarke; i say that to many afrikan people love ceremony but know nothing about substance. there will a person in the whitehouse , that will take afrikan and other people of kolor again to the outhouse. appreciate your honesty and candidness.

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