Principles Over Personalities


Its not the man, its not Obama the person who is objectionable, but bearing witness to the brain-bypass surgery rendered unto a nation of millions, millions who now hold themselves back, utterly, thoroughly.  They are knee deep in a delusion, loving madly, deeply a man who they don’t know at all. A cypher, a silhouette, pleasing and handsome, harkening back to old heroes in shiny new bottles.

Yes, this nation of progressive, liberal, kente-colored fools holds themselves back by pocketing their eyeballs and any semblance of analysis in deference to a pretty, Negro league shyster.

Personality, baby. Principles, maybe.

One is easy on the eyes, a lullaby to the ears. The other is hard, with sharp edges and hard elbows.  Principles require standing for something even when and especially when it ain’t popular, fun or cool, but necessary.  Very necessary.  The castor oil tastes like shit, but you must admit, it hits dat split.

“Leave the driving to us” and other gently crooned tunes are like Vidal Sasoon: “they want to wash your brains right out of your hair.”

Brand Obama, a formula, a panacea, a new drug in the lab trial to end all lab trials.  Except YOU are the animal experiment.  You are the rat, you are the monkey in the white room with the white lights and the white tiled floor.  Strapped to the gurney in four-point restraints.  Caged, run through your paces, poked, prodded, dissected, discarded…

“Let’s see, how long a line, how long a wait will they tolerate.  How much misery will they suffer before they break?  And what kind of drug will they respond to that suppresses their pain response and gives them, er, hmmm, hope?!”

Obama and the Placebo Syndrome: trading real democracy and real change, for a suit, a tan, a vocal quiver, and a rhetorical shiver.

Faux progressive whites and colored ninnies take the historic, long suffering bait.  ‘Our time has come’ and ‘we can sew up all of our unfinished racial business in one fell swoop.’ Two sides of the same sick, shallow, deep-work averse coin.  The psychological longing of the lazy flies is, thanks to the master manipulators, easily captured by dat sweet smelling honey:  A symbolic turd.  A Trojan Horse.


“You have to ask yourself, ‘do I feel lucky?’  Well, do ya, PUNK?!

The REAL Dealio:

What do YOU stand for?  What are YOUR values and YOUR principles?  Fuck the suit being dangled, promising you everything and nothing simultaneously; what kind of country, neighborhood, community do you want to see and what are YOU going to do to get it?

I want to fucking know!!!

To  outsource your freedom and your freedom struggle is to lay in a cage and die, die at your own hand, though a white jacketed butcher rips his scalpel through your breast plate.  You chose this fate.  They offered you the rat poison but only you can take it.  Or decide not to.

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Many of my brothers and sisters already have…and…

Place principles before personalities, as they say in AA, and you might see the new day in a new light.

7 Responses to “Principles Over Personalities”

  1. the problem is- he appears to be the antithesis of bush– who for all intents and purposes stood for what he and the neocons believe in until the bitter end. no compromise and no care at all for any other thought than theirs’. ‘so what?’ is his mantra. obama is not bush. and for millions, at this point, that’s really all that matters. if americans had wanted real change, they would have voted for dennis kucinich in the primaries. no lie. most don’t want change- they want to go back in time to when they could be blissfully ignorant in their mcmansions in their gated communities and buy stuff. that world is gone forever- for better and for worse.

  2. This is the absolute truth! No one could have said it better.

  3. I am sitting here with a smirk on my face … the Obama horse is a force to be reckoned with , so many followers that are so gullible , that need this horse’s rehtoric , something to believe in . Like the mice following the pied piper into the water !!!! Wake up …..

  4. Hello there!

    I just wanted to stop by and share “Happy New Year!” greetings!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  5. No matter how you try and disguise it, whatever your rationale, there is absolutely no escaping the obvious: You(and other pseudo progressives/ revolutionaries/ intellectuals/ radicals) are no more and no less than crabs. Self hate and envy masquerading as some kind of enlightened afro-centrist. This “baby talk” about all the ills of White supremacy, Empire, racism, Capitalism etc. is understood by anybody that has a pulse. Your analysis of this presidency misses the gravity of the event. President Obama’ election has lifted the spirit and self esteem of hundreds of millions of Black people all over the world. Low self esteem has been and continues to be our greatest challenge. This event is seismic in it’s impact on our collective psyche. What kind of mind set could possibly miss such a fundamental and obvious benefit?!! Wake up and stop hating.

  6. Laurence:

    How can my self esteem be hiked by the works of someone else? It is my understanding that my self esteem is tied to doing esteem-able things, for self and others. Perhaps this is why we have such low self esteem in the first place – many of think we need some external, messianic force to raise us from our stupor. And certainly we need lots of help, therapy for example, but its a help that supports us in helping us help ourselves. That help is not forthcoming from Obama, a man who ran from us, not to us during his campaign, a man who mentioned us, mentioned race only when it threatened to capsize his candidacy.

    I’m curious though, Laurence, does White Supremacy have any benefits for us and should we simply be silent about the ills because of the crumbs we get from massa’s table?

    BTW: I understand the reaction of people around the globe to Obama’s election, the great hope that they have invested in this man. And, again, that is precisely the problem: hoping and investing in one person instead of yourself. This man is a master of saying things that appear to be progressive and people believe it uncritically. I’m just being critical. I hope I’m wrong; I hope that he is not a “Blackchurian candidate.” But, claiming the US has the right to detain prisoners in Afghanistan without due process, without rights, a position he indicated he was opposed to but now supports – folks may be in for a very rude awakening.

    We will see.

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