Gay IS The New Black

From a comment I made on Brotha Asa’s provocative AfroSpear post: “Is Gay The New Black?!”
Asa, why you always stirring up trouble? LOL!!

Seriously: why can’t we have equality? If the state sanctions marriage and you are a citizen of the state/nation, then the laws should provide equal rights to ALL citizens of that nation – slam fucking dunk!

My religious tenets or lack thereof should not be the basis of determining what other people with other tenets, practices, beliefs, inclinations or orientations get to do. The only foundation that the secular state should provide is a level playing field. If the government sanctions marriage, then marriage should be for ALL CONSENTING ADULTS. And if you want to marry your sister, I don’t give a fuck! (One of the most asinine arguments against gay marriage I’ve heard)

My quibbles or comfort, or somebody else’s phony religious doctrine should not enter into it. That shit is between you and your God and me and my therapist. AND, people’s rights should not be auctioned off or voted on by the ignorant majority; that is a recipe for prejudice, blindness and rank stupidity to reign free.

Nobody who has responded here needs to love or like gay people, gay sex or gay marriage in order for justice, in order for law (HELLO!) to dictate that marriage can’t be Jim Crow’d. Muthafuckas don’t like your black ass and you didn’t like it when they legislated against you; how the fuck can your pretzel logic fail to note the same thing here?!

And I’m sorry for those kneegroes who don’t like Civil Rights metaphors being drawn between gay and black rights. The right Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, the brother in that portrait hanging over your stove, said it himself:  “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  How the fuck are black folk – of all people – gonna say “you can’t use my experience in the same sentence with gay rights”?! Back in the day, we were likening our experience to Moses and the Israelites – weren’t we, talkin’ ’bout being the lost sheep and how a chariot was coming for to carry us home.

How could we compare our experience in America to those stories detailed in the Bible?! How dare WE?! HOW? Because, when you are under the gun and need some inspiration, need some help, you look for similar experiences and similar struggles that will provide more ammo to your cause. 

I hereby and forthwith grant my authentic Kneegro Intellectual Civil Right Property to the gay cause in perpetuity.  I do, however, reserve the right to criticize racism among white gays at my discretion.

I’m tired of our bullshit hypocrisy. I’m tired of our “my shit don’t stink” mentality that many of us bring to this debate. I’m tired of us acting like niggas aren’t gay as hell ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong: Asa is on point when he points out that we SHOULD be wary of white folks – gay, straight or pin striped. But we need to grow the fuck up. We have to have more maturity, more discernment, put some of that personal voodoo aside and recognize that we don’t live in a jive ass theocracy…yet, though we know that “they” use religion to do exactly what’s being exhibited here – blind people to their commonalities in order to keep them divided. And controlled

To quote ‘Zel: “the games chess NOT checkers” muthafuckas. Stop allowing your asses to get checkmated by your own dated, archaic, ill considered, myopic, dumb ass moves.

4 Responses to “Gay IS The New Black”

  1. i hope that one day that human beings realize that we all look the same underneath the skin. perhaps that’s naive- but it’s only the window dressings that are different. we all have hearts and minds- it’s how we choose to use them that makes any difference at all. seems like most folks have opted out of using either. namaste.

  2. Bet, it ain’t gonna happen until WWIII, when most of the planet burns, is uninhabitable and finally, then and only then will the few remaining mortals get it. The investment that people have in their rigid, reductive identities and their magnificent myopia is stunning to me. I used to believe humanity had it in them to change. Now its clear, only the fires of a hell-on-earth licking at their muthafucking heels will motivate us, finally, to change.

  3. In the words of the great Emperor Halie Sellasie ” Every man has the right to decide his/her own destiney” We are all one.

  4. word.

    *i’ll forgive you using “voodoo” in vain, but just this once. 🙂

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