Obama’a Silence on Gaza: Criminal

Well, I’ve been silent, too, transfixed by the horror of 21st century warfare visited on a glorified chicken coop.  The Israelis, with their Amerikan military hardware believe it is A-okay to use genocidal violence against an entire population, against children, women and men who can’t move, can’t fight, can’t ‘duck and cover’, punished, all, for the ineffectual deeds of a few. 

How many Israelis have died from all of the rockets fired by Hamas????  13.  How many Palestinians have died from Israeli rockets?  1000 and counting. 

 The Israelis claim that they “are not targeting civillians, that Hamas hides among them…and we just can’t help ourselves. “

We need to pay careful attention to this lie, because this is a familiar lie.  We can’t stop the drugs from coming in, the guns from coming in, all we can do is lock up and shoot down the people, the horribly desperate, faceless black silhouettes who are the ‘Houston Hamas’.  Shooting them in the back, selling them crack, bustin’ them upside the head, they are all equally dead.  And no one cares, no one wants to change the system, not even black folks who should know better.

No, we want a shining prince who will redeem our faith in ourselves – when nobody can do that for us but us.  And here he is, given the throne and he says not a muthafucking thing.  Nada!  But then, what did he say about you during the campaign?  He ran as far from you as he could, to Iowa and Indiana, to those country precincts and kissed all those white babies and played race neutral.  The Spook Who Got His Foot in the Door by playing you down and  his mammy up.   And he only spoke of you to chastise absentee black fathers and Rev Wright?! 

Today, he allies himself with  ‘good guys’  like George Bush.  “Good guy.  Well meaning.  Loves his country.”  Loves his country to death is more like it – and you in it.  These are the words of our sage black president.

What planet does this man live on?

This won’t be enough for the koolaid drinkers, the true believers, the “my color can do no wrong’ kinfolk.  This profile in cowardice will push you, he will work you.  One day you will see. 

On this day, when the world needs him to say “there is no Hamas, there is no Israel, there is only HUMANITY and that humanity, that life must be respected and not abused NO MATTER WHAT, that genocide don’t fly and that the Israelis ought to know better” and he would, should mean it and back it up with backbone and gristle and teeth…

On this day, not a peep for the Palestinians, not a peep for those of us who want to give him the benefit of the doubt but see the two faces and the forked tongue.  Not one solitary word uttered on behalf of children fileted by American daisy cutters and white phosphorous – except for extolling a monster, a beast, praising a man who allowed his people to DIE in New Orleans, who sent other people’s children off to die for a lie.

Some would call Israeli behavior, white supremacy.  Others would call the indifference to the suffering of the Palestinian people, part of the white supremacist hypnosis .  “It can’t really be suffering cuz its just them. “  Some would call Obama a black gatekeeper, a nigga overseer on the global plantation, a boy who ain’t got no quarrel with massa, nor defending massa’s land or ways. 

“Plus, who’s got the time to worry about a downer like Gaza when its time to partay! Skeewee!!!”

No, Obama’s focused on HIS big moment, his cotillion, as are so many others, transfixed, duped, had, took, drunk, high,  high on symbolism, high on a lie.  They used to call Coke “the REAL Thing.”   This ain’t no Martin, this ain’t no Malcolm; to quote Larry Holmes, “he couldn’t hold their jock strap!” 

I’d have taken white Kucinich over this man, white Ron Paul, over this man.  And I sho’ would have taken brown Cynthia – whose politics are fo’ REAL – over this Kenyan snow job.  I need truth, naked truth, bareback truth.  Don’t give me no pride if it ain’t meant ta save our black hides.

10 Responses to “Obama’a Silence on Gaza: Criminal”

  1. i agree- i am a dennis k. supporter and i backed cynthia on the blog too. i just shake my head at the sheer number of people in this country- and probably the world- who stand by and do nothing because the palestinians are poor, brown and muslim. after all, the israelis are ‘god’s chosen’ nevermind that’s self proclaimed religious claptrap. but i won’t get started over here.

  2. let me not even start my friend..i listened to dennis kuchinich and ron paul over at youtube and thought to myself, wow, talk about mass branding of the ango-american alliance. when you have time check this interview out. it is Michel Chossudovsky’s interview on guns and roses. you can also hear similar thoughts on alex jones. be well.

    ella and mingus mom

    ps: a blog i’ve found super helpful is http://www.a-mother-from-gaza.blogspot.com


  3. There is no excuse for not at least speaking out about the conflict. This problem has existed for a long time, and yet nobody really tries to solve it. I am saddened thinking about all the families that lose loved ones. I cannot imagine how one lives there in that environment of violence.

  4. there is more than this ,
    for the people who can see ,
    for the people who can hear ,
    for the people who are the child that tells you the emperor has no clothes.
    there is nothing really to say to the people who blindly follow Obama like an extra in the mummy franchise …. Everybody talking about this party , and when u wake up , how many still have thier brain intact/.

    great post

  5. the truth is dope!!

    and you wrote a mouthful …

  6. If we had constitutional reform, those who voted McKinney would have a power broker in the new administration. That means diluting presidential power as is done in a parliamentary system. Imagine that, if you can hope for change.

  7. Silence in these kinds of cases have always been somewhat supportive of the ruling system and this is the same case here in my country, the Philippines with respect to politicians.

  8. Wrong. If they would agree that the Jewish State has a right to exist and that they will not kill them then peace could rule, until then…what peace and look out for ourselves.

  9. What’s good sir,

    I appreciate your efforts with this blog. I have added you to the blogs I follow and linked your site on my blog page. I would be most appreciative if you could link my site as well. I host a radio program on Racism/White Supremacy. Perhaps we could network and share resources in an effort to be productive. Please, contact me sir. I thank you.

  10. Julian, darling dear one,
    oh it’s been too long! i miss you my friend! we should catch up sometime soon – you have my number… you know its’ hard for a poor student…
    thank you for not being afraid to criticize your first black prezident. it’s important that the left not get too complacent with Obama, not get too charmed by his pretty words, not get too caught up in celebrating to forget to push the prez harder toward egalitarian, rights-protecting policy, in the mid-est and at home and everywhere.
    best of the best to you my dear,

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