Ain’t Nuthin’ New Under the Sun

By Maxjulian

April 3, 2009

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“The basic fact is that the United States has organized under its sponsorship and protection a neo-colonial system of client states ruled mainly by terror and serving the interests of a small local and foreign business and military elite.  The fundamental belief, or ideological pretense, is that the United States is dedicated to furthering the cause of democracy and human rights throughout the world, though it may occasionally err in the pursuit of this objective.

Since 1960 over 18 Latin American regimes have been subjected to military takeovers – a “domino effect” neglected in the West.  US has been crucial in this process, in some cases by means of deliberate subversion or even direct aggression, but invariably important given the substantial economic and military penetration and presence of the superpower.”

From “The Political Economy of Human Rights: Volume I

The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism”

Noam Chomsky & Edward S. Herman



Why do people act like the US and torture is a new thing?  This government has been doing dirt for a looooong time!  From its infancy, the bloody birth canal of America, a baby birthed, multiple civilizations butchered.

There is a history that most of us don’t know about which we would do well to learn.  Noam Chomsky knows some of it, Howard Zinn knows, James Baldwin, Manning Marable, Ella Baker, John Henrick Clarke, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.  Its an underground history, carried on the Underground Railroad.  You gotta put your ear to the ground, to your belly and listen real soft and you’ll hear it, hear it springing from your navel, from your nasal passages – a sense, a scent, a tone, a texture, a rumble.

Listen close.  That train is a coming.

2 Responses to “Ain’t Nuthin’ New Under the Sun”

  1. We won’t learn from history because we have the attention span of a goldfish. That train isn’t coming because it was sold on Ebay. Besides, the railroad was paved over to make way for SUV’s.

    So we all can go nowhere ….in moderate style.

  2. All the way back to the Puritans (who used to hang Quakers, for goodness’ sake), those with the Power-To-Define in this country have wreaked havoc on people of color and anybody else that didn’t kowtow or kill them first. (The U.S. military invaded Grenada, for example, with about as much consternation as one might show over a fly in the kitchen.) That’s probably one of the reasons we’re going down for the third time and we’re only two hundred years in.

    In our culture, we hit kids to make a point, teach them to hit to make a point, work women to death doing more than is humanly possible in the name of “love,” and let the babies “cry it out” rather than holding them as family members in better adjusted cultures are wont to do. Child molestation is so rampant, we’re addressing it in elementary schools. The Catholic church is going belly up from paying settlements for priests raping children. And the number one cause of death for pregnant women in this country is murder at the hands of their mates. I don’t know which came first, the chicken or the egg, but I read somewhere that 40% of U.S. citizens believe that torture is reasonable under certain circumstances. That’s the kind of answer people come up with who can’t imagine not being in control of their surroundings. Stupid, stupid people.

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