“Don’t Believe Their Lies”

The US, France and a number of other Western countries want to help the Haitians. Well isn’t that precious?! In the film, “Mememto”, the lead character was forced, due to a short-term memory malfunction, to tattoo reminder messages on his skin – and to write notes on pictures of people who may or may not be his enemies. One of them, “Don’t believe his lies!” Don’t – I repeat – DON’T believe THEIR lies!!!

…The U.S. imposed 60 years of sanctions and blockade on Haiti after the victory of the first successful slave revolution in history. This blockade impoverished Haiti. France demanded in 1825, with warships in the harbor, that Haiti repay French slave owners $21 billion for the value of the enslaved Africans who were liberated. Haiti was forced to pay interest on this debt for more than 100 years…

via http://kanan48.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/u-s-aid-comes-with-strings-attached-by-sara-flounders/.

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