“Slaves to the Rhythm of Capitalism”

From “villagerainbows:”

slaves to the rhythm of capitalism

Is that not the real problem, my brother? Are we not ALL “slaves to the rhythm of capitalism”, whether someone has labeled us “African-Americans”, whether we be Canadian-Americans (I am originally from Canada – the 51st state to the north of the USA, home of the free, etc., etc.), whether we be whatever “Americans”. whether we be black, white, purple….

Africa is now my home, and all around me I see Africans rushing to become Americans, anxious to buy the latest western clothing styles, or to emulate the most recent gangsta-rap artist, or to eat some knock-off on a non-nutritious western fast food. The unconsciousness of which you speak is everywhere, my friend, and as you have pointed out, it goes far beyond the colour of anyone’s skin. The board rooms of the big multi-nationals are now populated with people of every colour – even the real power brokers have figured out that skin colour is not a factor in making corporate profits.

The Sankofa bird moves ahead, looking back where it came from, egg in beak, and always moving ahead. I was a naive first year student when four members of the Black Panthers came from Chicago to tell assembled students on our university about the situation in which they found themselves. I struggled with what they told us, because they were telling of a reality which I did not know or understood. Within 3 months, all four had been gunned down by police and I had no choice then but to believe what they had told us.

We do need to know the truth about where we come from if we are going to move out of this unconsciousness into a better world for people of all colours. Keep speaking your truth, and let each of us make sure that you keep it real. Only by insisting, each of us, on truth will the dream of freedom become reality.

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