This Message Brought To You By The “White Man”

By Maxjulian

March 22, 2010

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A response to my post “All White People Are Racist Suspects“:

“Here I am. I am the person most descriminated against, I am the person most held back because of not only my race, but my gender.

I am the one who has to watch every word that comes out of my mouth because it may offend someone…even though that person uses the same word him/herself. I dont get any excuses, I dont get any support.

My race and gender get no help from the governments, no help from the courts. I wake up everyday trying to figure out how to keep myself alive, and my intergrity intact in this “free” world. I cant get food stamps, I cant get child support or alimony. Nobody has to hire me BECAUSE I am white.

I cant belong to any group BECAUSE I am white, or because I am a male..yet I have to hire Blacks, I have to hire Females..nobody has to hire me. I have to work everyday or I starve and die. I have to pay taxes to help normal people all around our country, but I can not get the same help myself.

I am not normal.I am a racist, I am a sexist. I am everything anyones wants to say about me, but I can call no other the same. I see posts like these..I hear comments like these..I am racist, I am trying to hold people down…But you are wrong.

I live everyday trying to survive in this world where it is everyone against the White Man. Step back and look at us. We are desperate. We are scared. We have to keep everyone happy, or we face the worst persecution left in todays world. One wrong word, and I am a racist. One wrong word and the woman will take everything you have ever worked for.

Being White means you get half of what you work for and nothing you deserve. Being White means its everyone against me.

Take Obama for example…look at the charities he donated all his money from the Peace Prize to..Blacks, Indians, whatever races..he tried to get them all. But nobody looks at the one race he didnt even consider, the race nobody considers..the White race. Thats our everday life. No help, no thoughts except contempt.

So go ahead, keep bashing Whites. Its what everyone does everyday. And I will just keep trying to survive.

~Take care”

8 Responses to “This Message Brought To You By The “White Man””

  1. Quit picking on the white man! Pick on someone your own size!

  2. Did I miss the memo that said people HAD to hire women and minorities? Did I also miss the one that said that public assistance was only for nonwhites and women? I’m supposed to feel sorry for white men because they are supposedly struggling to do what we still fight for the right to do? lmao ok

    where’s that violin?

  3. This is true in a way….equality goes both ways or it is’nt equality.

  4. Talk about sick and twisted!! When your foot is on the neck of so many, you can’t expect love! But your self-help program is quite effective for you, racist white man!!

  5. How typical. Trying to come off as the victim. Boo hoo . I guess we are supposed to love you even after creating a life of hell for us. And on top of that, taking away our true identities and history. Devils.

  6. As a white South African who grew up under apartheid I would rather “suffer” 1000 years of “affirmative action” and “positive discrimination” than go back to a world where my kids could not choose who to mix with.

  7. WTF?!? You CAN’T have disappeared! I knew I hadn’t been paying attention, but I’m horrified. Where are you? What are you up to? (*panicking big time*)

  8. Devils, indeed. White’s are the most wicked people on Earth. Look at what the Australians did to the native Aborigines; almost wiped them off the face of the Earth.
    And Palestinians, native Indians in what is now America, African Americans, Vietnam, Cuba, Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, India, Egypt and many more.
    After the brave Arabs gave them a bloody nose, they reach out to blacks for support. Don’t fall for that BS. I pity blacks; guaranteed, in a few years they will be back to hating blacks, it’s in their genes. Black people, do not support Whites because you will be supporting torture, murder, rape and exploitation if you do.

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