What is a gang?

A gang is a stopper in the tub, a finger in the dyke. Caulk. Its that branch you grab as you swirl about in the undulating waters, headed for the rim. Gangs exist because other stoppers, other branches aren’t in close proximity. Or don’t exist:

Family, primary and extended. Rec centers with activities that occupy the body and mind. Music programs that raise the spirit and lift the soul.

Rather than encourage and liberate young learners, schools brainwash and shackle their minds utilizing tyrannical testing regimes. The equivalent of a good, clean, twelve year water-boarding session – between the ears. And we wonder why children can’t think.

The respectable adults working and living respectable lives have disappeared from too many communities, along with the jobs that would have sustained them. ALL, for the enrichment of the corporate slavemaster in need of more, always pursuing more, guzzling and scarfing down MOREMOREMORE, with not a care for the societal HOLE that his appetite creates.

When the cavernous abyss is the norm, is the COMMUNITY, one holds onto that branch that reaches back.

Gangs aren’t bad in theory, and only a little bit in practice. The practice of picking up the gun can be counterproductive – when using it against his own kind. Guns, dangerous though they may be, are only the tools that desperate people use to attain that which the culture denies them: Power. A sense of power, power in ‘the skin we’re in’, power to create, to eke a humane existence within an insane edifice. The power to survive de-facto genocide.

Gangs become the family that wasn’t, provide the support that isn’t. They spread a safety net and forge a sense of belonging in a world that doesn’t want see or want them. And certainly doesn’t want to HELP them.

Gangs are scary, unpredictable things. Because they create solutions, unsponsored, unendorsed, solutions. Many would agree that some of those solutions are misguided, or short term. Well, when you’re in that undulating, whirlpool, seconds from going down the drain, a gang could come in handy. Understand.

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