Smack By Popular Demand

“Baracka bye baby, on the treetop, when the wind blows…sleep, ‘lil niggas, sleep…”

You get the picture: the grand lullaby, sung by a twelve foot Congolese sheepherder, with a washboard and wooden spoon, has bewitched and intoxicated millions of black fools as well as white, the whole world over.

Elected, primarily, on the basis of instant anti-racist absolution provided the il-liberal white by a vote for Uncle Ben – and the skin allegiance of the Democratic Party’s most avid colored kool aid drinkers, Black Bwana rode a magic carpet to victory, greased by the pre-cum of the guilt-freed, the delusional and the dispossessed.

It wasn’t long, however, before the exotic chants and progressive incantations of a long campaign season devolved into rank nigga hoodoo, the likes of which hasn’t been since Amos tried to mount Andy is his dressing room trailer.

Week one on the job, Black Bwana, “Mr. Articulate”, the one who said he would talk to Tehran, rained drones down on Pakistanis – complete innocents – according to the law of due process. Ever since, he has created more terrorists than he has captured. The crowning achievement of his ability to bamboozle was securing a Nobel PEACE Prize on the basis of what he might do in the future.

What this man has wrought?!

On the economic front, all evidence demonstrates that this nigga went to the market – the stock market – while the rest of us got took!! Loot, jobs and homes. Billionaires became trillionaires, free money was had by the crackas who caused the problem. Meanwhile, the little people were offered chump change at shylock prices. It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if the one facilitating our date with Lucifer didn’t look so damn much like us.

Its so much easier to hate whitey, exactly the reason why Dr. Frankenstein’s creation of the cool, smooth, counter cultural coon was as timely as it was brilliant. Black Bwana sooths the savage black beast, caught up as he is in the “symbolism” of a black face in a high place. Policy analysis be damned: that nigga looks good in a suit and don’t Michelle and those lil girls looked good with their permed-ass who-do’s?!

And the white folks, the guilt-ridden, terrified faux liberals throats are on mute when it comes to speaking truth to the HNIC. They’ll talk all around him: its Wall Street. Its the Rethuglicans, its the Tea Party. But they won’t name the ship’s captain, the one at the wheel masterfully guiding the ship of state into the iceberg, shearing off the dead weight of the niggas in the bottom of the hull – all the while keeping his white cronies safe, fat and belly full.

This man of alleged liberal principles is really that 3/5th of a man still listed in the Constitution. Instead, of an afro pick, BB carries a pitchfork in his back pocket, the better to kink up that silvery, horn-hiding, half-fro. Who permed his soul?! Every value, every law, every example that he used to contrast himself from the previous President – he has come to embody. COMPLETELY!! He truly is “Black Bush.”

Just yesterday, his threatened veto of a bill that would allow him, allow the US military, to detain US citizens on American soil without charge for an indeterminate period – was withdrawn. In December of 2011, the Constitution became null and void.

“Tis Nazi, USA.”

Only a Black Bwana, only a Trojan Horse, only a wolf in Nobel sheep’s clothing could have accomplished in three plus years what this man has accomplished.

What will he do with a four year encore?! Lawd, hep us!!

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