Happy New Year’s, Baby! Repost: “Pasteurized Black”

By Maxjulian

January 1, 2012

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In light of the fact that the Constitution was finally gutted yesterday under the cover of darkness, by, and on the watch of the first not-quite-black-enough President of the United States, here is a nostalgia piece. Prior to Obama’s election, I was clear that he was a fraud. On the last day of 2011, he proved it by signing a bill authorizing the indefinite detention of US citizens – for muthafuckin’ LIFE! Without charge!! Without evidence!!! Without a trial, jury or judge!!! The backflips of the hyp’motized will continue until they ‘come for you in the morning.’



“Pasteurized Black”

By thefreeslave

March 22, 2008

Category: Uncategorized


White folks are lactose intolerant when it comes to the truth!! 

Black folks: you can’t be accepted unless you tone it down, scale it back. Nigga, filet yo’ self!!

You can’t be the “First Black President” unless you chew your words like a cow turning cud.

Don’t improvise, don’t be Jeremiah-ically real, correct, oh, hell, no.

The audacity of a delusion preferred.

White folks don’t want to know the truth and niggas who believe that this Titanic can be righted, saved, steered away from the icebergs are just as delusional as the outraged tongue cluckers on Fox, CNN and the heart-less heartland.

All they can see, the only thing they can think about is their pain, their suffering:“how dare that nigga mock OUR suffering on 911!!” White folks don’t know shit about real suffering, they’re too busy trimming their hangnails. They don’t dare look out from under their intellectual blankets to see the global suffering that has been heaped on millions by their blue eyed government.

So, here comes Obama, the pretty, smiling black marionette, trying to appeal to an un-satisifiable beast, that will use tweezers and a fine toothed comb to ferret out any inconsistency, any faux paux, any racism (imagine that!) and magnify it, twist it into necro- or pedophilia.

And he plays the game, because the prize seems desirable. But what we could really use is some of that community organizing that he constantly brags about. He talks that WE talk, while he seeks an “I” prize. We may get him elected, but I’d be surprised if we – meaning black folks benefit.

If you have to de-bone words, deny reality – if you have to lose your black soul in order to gain the world – what’s it worth?! I’d rather be Obama’s “former” pastor and tell the unvarnished truth. I’d rather minister to the real soul’s of real black, white and green folks than engage in politically expedient, statesmen-like verbal masturbation.

How fulfilling it must be to cater to the white fantasies of a shining city on a hill, formed in a vacant land by courageous, persecuted men who only wanted to breath free. That they could strangle the life out of and make extinct tribe after tribe of Red people – one dare not mention.

For true: If these folks can’t step up at this late date and accept that Rev. Wright speaks nothing but the whole black truth – then we’re no different from those teachers who have low expectations of our students. Put these crackas in remedial Ed and leave ‘em the fuck alone.

When we talk down to the white man, we demean ourselves because all black folks know Obama’s lying, by omission. Distancing himself from his pastor – while ostensibly embracing him – makes Obama a political gumby: flexible, but without backbone. If we can’t bring the entirety of our black selves to the table, if our complaints are dismissed as the politics or rhetoric of the past, when the conditions those bitter words describe are happening in this day and time, why we have lost our good black minds.

I’d rather leave this country, secede from the Union, live off the grid than pretend that temporizing is a form of nobility.



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  1. stay true brother

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