What is a Slave?!

An occupier of a mental box

A religionist

An ideologue

A cultist

What is really happening?

What is our real history?

How do churches, governments, elections, politicians, corporations, intelligence operatives – operate?

Well for one thing – they all work against YOU!!

Blind you, wine and dine you while ‘pie-in-the-skying’ you

They tell you’re free while they tighten the shackles on your cankles

Feed you from the ‘Retard Media Seed’ CNN/Wa& Huff Po, unable to see mo’

Who killed Fred Hampton and why don’t you know?

Don’t know cuz they breed the need ta see the truth right outta your increasingly insipid, vapid hat holder

Because you are wrapped up in the farce, the flag, the Big Book, the Bible

The cosmetic surgery that nip-tucks your mind

The procedure that straightens out your Asian-eyes leaves you with Mr. Ed blinders

Weaves soften your locks, but hardens your grey matter

Jumping monkey to the satanic tunes proffered from on high

Don’t listen, don’t think, don’t be open or nappy, be permed and happy

Whispered with a kiss, faux care concern that picks you apart with crow’s feet

Hair – our relationship/obsession to and with it- is one of many measures of our insanity, our manipulability

Obama is another

A soul-less black charlatan who has killed mo’ niggas than bad whiskey

Nobel Prize winner, with his murderous shopping list, perused with a cute Colgate smile

He drones on, then he drones down brothers and sisters with impunity,

All the while blowing Wall Street

And you smile with fool’s pride cuz you don’t know and don’t care

No, you won’t hear about it on BET or the Root (of our ignorance), won’t read it in Ebony or Jet

And you won’t seek out let alone read Black Agenda Report or Truthout or Information Clearinghouse or any other source to balance out the Wonder bread that you feast on

The answer is not Romney or the Green Party or Communism

And its not the dichotimizing concept of Right or Left

Abandoning the false, the cult, the illusion, the lie

The controlling, enslaving doctrines and ideals presented to us as ‘true’ – the ballot, the bullet, the Bible, Obama, America and all the rest – is a necessary first step

What is true is that we must reverse, somehow, the course of this country: warmonger, polluter, enslaver, raper without a conscience, but always with the justification…”OUR shit don’t stink, can’t stink!”

We funky and until we see that, really see through all or our own bullshit, we stayin’ funky NOW, tomorrow and forever

Easier said than done

Don’t be a slave, which is what you are

Get free

Free Bradley Manning

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